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my why

I believe we are all connected and I want to help you make that connection. I have been a serial networker for years and I love that technology has made it so easy for us! Whenever you need information – on almost anything – what do you do? I’d like to bet that you defer to Google!

I’m Chantal Bezuidenhout and my ethics are founded on Permaculture Design – care for the earth, care for people and fair share.

If you want to go fast, go alone; if you want to go far, go together.

– African Proverb

social media marketing

Supporting the transformation to a more sustainable and heart-centred society, by helping create awareness for your events and community based projects through focused Social Media Marketing.

I help you align your Social Media Platforms, to put you in front of the people that count. I look at what your market is doing, who your audience is, what your competition is working on and where your audience is spending their time.

We then we start aligning your Social Media Platforms – from Twitter to Facebook, Google +, Pinterest and Instagram. We can also incorporate LinkedIn and MailChimp.

We will then create a strategy together, set up schedule and get you connected.

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Not a week goes by without at least two events being advertised in your town. How do people choose? How do you advertise? How do you get the feet through your doors?

Did you know that Social Media Marketing has a 100% lead to close ratio compared to other more traditional types of marketing?

There are many innovative ways of creating awareness and excitement around your event. But proper planning is essential. Before putting together a Social Media Plan we will consider:

your target market;

projected footfall;

your audience’s needs;

anticipated reach.

Attendance of the event including “on the go” social media posts and live videos, will be included; followed blog posts post the event will be included in the costing.


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