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Stuck in the Mud

So – it’s been established that I am a bit of a nutcase – and my adventuring off to Swellendam to embark on a Natural Building course certainly did nothing to dispel that belief. Even if there were any people that remotely believed in my sanity, that...

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Muzzammil’s Heart: Heterotaxy Syndrome

Death is a daily occurrence, an inevitable end to the accepted “three score years and ten” model, a homecoming and part of the cycle of life. I haven’t ever been totally devastated by any death in the family – my exposure has been limited to...

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Practical Magic: Enter Raven Kane

You know – when those questions do the rounds – the ones that ask: “You have Saturday afternoon off to do as you please, what do you do?” My answer will forever be: “curl up on my bed with my feather pillow and a good book.” I love...

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