You know – when those questions do the rounds – the ones that ask: “You have Saturday afternoon off to do as you please, what do you do?” My answer will forever be: “curl up on my bed with my feather pillow and a good book.” I love reading – anything that makes me laugh, cry a little and probably, most importantly, think. And then I met Raven Kane.

When JT Lawrence offered a copy of her latest book “Grey Magic” in exchange for a review, I jumped at the opportunity. Well – to be very honest – I commented on FB, hopped onto twitter and emailed her – #stalker. I wanted a copy! The day “Grey Magic” arrived on my doorstep, posed a tricky question: to work or not to work? That night, I jumped right in.

Raven Kane’s alter ego is male, the voice of reason, someone she is in continual conflict with – or so it seems. To be honest, I initially found him quite annoying – go figure! But then we were off on a rollercoaster ride of diverse characters, the High Priestess and the chaos causing coven of younger witches, a dependable carpenter, a preachy neighbour, needy clients, a sexy cop and somewhat dysfunctional family bond. Surrounded by a menagerie of assorted animals, including a blasphemous parrot, she battles the odds as they pile up against her.

Books have such an incredible ability to impact my mood. Its something that I marvel at continuously – and it’s basically this test I use to judge a book. This was a good book according to my moodometer. Every time I settled down to read, I became engrossed in Raven’s antics, I wanted to see what the chaos causing coven would get up to next, I wanted to up my skills on dealing with grumpy neighbours and a lynch mob on my doorstep, I wanted the sexual tension between her and the hunky cop to reach a satisfying conclusion, I wanted to see what sage advice “the voice of reason” was dispensing, I wanted to find out who really killed who and I hoped, above all, that her relationship with her sister and niece was reparable.

I chuckled, I held my breath and I even shed a tear somewhere along the line in this book. But, for me, a little surprise,amidst all this chaos, frivolity and banter came an element of introspection and questioning. What is happening to society where we blindly follow the most vocal, most fanatical, most prominent opinions without careful consideration and reflection on our part? And it’s not something new – we’ve been doing it for centuries!

All in all – “Grey Magic” is a great read. Buy it now for the summer – but it won’t last long. I motored through in about 10 hours. JT Lawrence has a funny, quirky and often irreverent sense of humour which appeals to me immensely. I’m looking forward to devouring all her previous novels and the ones to come.


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