Social media marketing – so what’s the big deal? Anybody can do it – right? My 6 year old has skills, man! And I’ve got 1273 friends on FB – that must count for SOMETHING? Right? Well actually – no, not really and absolutely not at all.

So – what is social media marketing actually all about? I believe that the most important aspect is the social aspect – oh look! – it says so right there: Social Media Marketing. Go figure!? No one wants to see you advertising all the time. Guess what? They actually want to know about YOU – the person behind your brand.

Okay – now that we have that concept foremost in our technology saturated brains – what’s next? Social Media Marketing, for the most part, is – FREE, MAHALA, NO CHARGE! How awesome is that? No huge ass print media marketing budget required here. You just need someone to man the platforms and engage with your audience – engage, engage, engage. And this won’t even cost you the diamond ring.

Okay- you’ve got this? So far we know that it’s Social and to some extent, free. What next?

How often do you get in your car only to drive around aimlessly? There is no real point spending R12.50 a litre if you are not sure where you are going now is it? You need a plan, Stan! Structured, well thought out with a touch of cray-cray. Have some fun! Ask yourself – what’s in it for them? – what does your target market like?

And then you need someone to manage it all for you. And that person shouldn’t be your child (or your PA or your husband for that matter!) Unless they have had some work experience, can handle conflict and are sociable, and are able to hold an engaging conversation, they should not be on your Social Media Team. Waitresses are a good fit! You learn to smile engagingly, dispense colouring books and memorise orders while balancing a tray bearing umbrella laden cocktails in one hand and delivering the bill with the other.

I use a simple method to determine whether I can afford to outsource something. I will use pizza to illustrate.

I ask myself: how long will it take me to make a pizza? 3 hours.

How long will it take me to get a takeaway? 45 minutes.

What is my hourly worth? R500 per hour.

Therefore, by getting a takeaway, I save R1000! #Awesome

Life lesson learnt: get a waitress to deliver the pizza so that you can serve your own customers doing what you do best.

My job is to put your customers in front of you. And I do that through Social Media Marketing. I’m sociable, engaging and full of fun. And I have a plan, Stan. I also believe that together, we are better.

And I have been a waitress before 😉






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